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On 11/7/2022 and then on 11/8/2022, students of the 4th year of the grammar school watched a film called: DEAR CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE during the geography lesson. We have thus joined the series of online films of the One World festival, which offers stories processed in films from different parts of the world. Subsequently, the 4D students took part in a discussion with the guest Marcel Karvay through Slido, who comes from an environment of generational poverty. All his life he struggled with injustice, which led to psychological problems. The students could participate in the discussion, which they took advantage of, and through the film they not only looked at problems in the world, but gained a valuable insight into the life and personal struggle of an individual in society.


Dear Future Children / Franz Böhm / Germany, UK, Austria / 2021 / 52 min. / English subtitles  /

The project follows activists protesting in Hong Kong against the political dicision in Beijing, represented by politician Carrie Lam. Attention is also focused on the protests in Chile against social inequality in the country and the Friday for the Future movement, which is fighting against climate change in Uganda.

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