The private bilingual grammar school prepares its students for passing exams and obtaining certificates.

General Cambridge ESOL tests

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a set of the most recognized certificates for English language students. These tests are considered to be indisputable evidence that their owner actually achieved the above results.
There is a British qualification for each academic or professional field. Studying for qualifications is expensive, time consuming and hard work. The school assumes the obligation to prepare our students for examinations within the tuition fees and within the curriculum of teaching and consulting hours. In general: the higher the level of the test, the more recognized it is and the more valuable it is.

The most important thing is to choose a language exam that corresponds to the applicant's language skills. If he chooses an exam that is too difficult, he / she will not pass the exam. We recommend consulting with English teachers.

The course that follows the CAE and is the latest in the Cambridge Exams list is:

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

It is beyond the school's time to prepare for this exam, but we will keep our fingers crossed for our students, CPE candidates, as the study will create the prerequisites for passing this exam.

The CPE language course is only for very advanced students. The aim of the course is to test the knowledge of the language at a very high level. The CPE opens the door to international trade, diplomacy, public services and international organizations of the UN, EU, OECD and elsewhere, where mastering English at this level is a prerequisite.

These courses start twice a year (March, September) and the exams take place twice a year, immediately after the course (June, December).

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