Educational Adviser


ADVISING AND CONSULTING – is going to be focussed on giving guidance to students and their legal representatives as well as to teachers in solving their pedagogical and educational problems and give them information about forms of study at secondary schools and universities and possibilities to choose a profession. Furthermore, to give guidance in scope of upbringing and education, professional orientation and consulting in picking a career, in the field of prevention from delinquent and problematic development of children and youngsters.

COORDINATION ACTIONS – is going to be focussed on cross-connections between school and educational advising and prevention departments and amongst other professional departments taking up with childcare and providing a metodical guidance to metodical and professional workers.

We collaborate with the Pedagogical and Psychological Advisory Centre:

Hubeného ul. Bratislava III.
Psychological guidance : Mgr. Lenická
Special-pedagogical guidance : Mgr. Lukáčová
Application for psychological examination, special-pedagogical guidance:
an application form available at the Educational Adviser - Mgr. Thomas Bulanek´s

Educational adviser´s office hours for parents and students:

  • Friday 12:55 - 13:40
  • According to arrangements during the break between 10.45 - 11.05
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