Study Abroad


1. Choice of the foreign school

The school abroad has to be of the same type; in our case, it means a type of a secondary school. The school abroad has to offer to a student the range of simillar subjects comparable to our school system during the actual academic year. (The law admits to take 3 differential examinations, that means curriculums abroad can differentiate in three subjects). Before going abroad, the legal representative of a student should mind checking the possibility of recognition of the study at the school abroad as an equivalent study in Slovakia. (Possible info on offer by designated staff – item number 4)

2. Cooperation with our school

The legal representative of a student submits an application wherein he asks a permission for his son/daughter to study abroad. The student starts studying abroad and the legal representative of the student informs the home school about this within 15 days. The legal representative of the student delivers the foreign school curricum and plan to the home school (until 15th May at the latest) so that these documents can help the principal to select subjects for taking differential exams. The language differential exam is compulsory.

3. Differential exams

The legal representative of a student after returning of his child submits the report from the foreign school abroad. The report is to confirm the successful accomplishment of the study in the grade (responding to the grade at home school) and his/her promotion to upper grade. The legal representative is obliged to present even this kind of confirmation. The student takes differential exams. Successful passing through differential exams is the requirement of promotion to upper grade at the home school. Differential exams are comission ones.

4. Converting marks to the Slovak classification scale

Judgement of study abroad, its recognition as promotion of adequate grade at a secondary school in Slovakia and the transfer of grades into Slovak classifying scale is provided by the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas from Abroad, the Slovak Ministry of Education, Stromova street 1, 813 30 Bratislava. The transfer of grades is important mainly for the reason of introducing grades even into application forms for studying at some university, furthermore it can play a crucial role in taking school leaving exams at secondary schools.

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